Office yoga


Benefit for employees that is very advantageous

Tired, restless and irritable employee with health complications? That is not necessary.
Regular breaks with physical activity linked to the breath leads to improved concentration and higher labor productivity.

  • Office yoga principle is based on relaxation and stretching your workers at the workplace as one of the benefits that the company provides.
  • Lessons take place before starting work, during lunch or otherwise defined interval during the day, and shortly after working hours.
  • People are trained in the agreed areas of the company, or directly in the office.

Offer of programs

Management: Lessons for individuals (60 minutes or as time allows. The minimum recommended time is 15 minutes).

Group lessons: Group lessons: groups of 2-10 participants (60 min).

Variants can be arranged according to current needs and possibilities of the organization. We lend yoga mats.