I discovered yoga intuitively during my adolescence, I have been consciously and actively doing it since 2008. Since 2014 as a teacher.

Yoga has helped me find a balance between work and personal life, gain the ability to manage my own energy well, regulate emotions and increase physical strength and flexibility.

I believe in the dynamics of the group, in amplifying the joint action of energy and the meditative effects of yoga, and therefore it is a pleasure for me to feel movement, breathing and relaxation with other people.

Composition of a lesson: introductory relaxation, preparatory exercises, asana practice, final relaxation. I combine lessons with fighter positions (standing) with elements of vinyasa. The individual sets of asanas are thus divided by the sequences Chaturanga dandasana, Cobra and Roof (or Dog upside down).

I continue with other, never-ending self-education, both through my own practice and at courses organized by experienced Czech and foreign lecturers.

Education / Specialization: Hatha Yoga Instructor

ČESKÝ SVAZ JÓGY, o.s. - Accredited educational program of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic (200 hours) - Yoga instructor with content:

   - Theory and philosophy of yoga
   - Yoga practice
   - Use of yoga knowledge in the practice of yoga
   - General part

Higher Vocational School ČUS, s.r.o. - Scientific basis of sports training (50 hours) - License B coaches course in the range:

   - Sports pedagogy, sport psychology, coach personality
   - Anatomy and physiology
   - Regeneration, nutrition, hygiene, anti-doping
   - Basics of sports training
   - Law and sport
   - First aid and traumatology

I like to train with you :)

With respect, Ilona Kubickova