Why with us



I will adapt the dynamics of the lesson to your needs, whether you are an experienced yogi or a beginner, whether you are a 12-year-old hockey player, a mother after childbirth, a tired manager, or an active senior. Yoga is not a sport and the goal of the practice is not a perfect performance of the position. It is about stopping, perceiving oneself, stirring up energy in my own body, finding out what is doing me good, calming down and perceiving the present moment (the only one that exists is not the past or the future). In the lesson you will learn why and what we are currently doing and at the same time you will get space to perceive positions and their effect.


We have a lesson in the schedule that is designed exclusively for men. The advantage is that you will meet other guys there who have also decided to try it, or who have been training for some time and can share their experiences with you. In the lesson, we focus on positions that are especially needed for men. You can join the lesson at any time! However, if this lesson does not suit you in time, you can come to any other on the schedule - you will also meet men in them.

In ancient India, only men practiced yoga - women were not considered strong and disciplined enough to master it ...


Our lessons excel in the unique spaces in which we practice. The studio is quiet and cozy, ideal for undisturbed work with breath, body and mind. You can only hear the occasional romantic crowing of cocks in the evening (yes, we have such ones here in the area), or the barking of dogs.

The hall consists of two parts

- an exercise area where up to 15 people can comfortably practice

- Zen zones to deepen your experience and Ayurvedic tea.


If you are interested in lessons outside the currently scheduled schedule, it is possible to agree on a suitable date, we are not bound by the capacity of the hall.